Typical Scottdel Truck Load Cushion Order

Finished bonded cushion is produced to-order from bonded logs.  A typical customer places a verbal order for rolls of cushion via customer service by requesting a specific product family at a specific thickness.


Most of the backings are standard but there are sometimes specific requests.  Most cushion products are set up with a specific backing, standard type of netting and sold in rolls at either 25, 30 or 40 square yards / rolls.


There are some instances where customers can customize their products with different combinations of plastic film, netting or spun nylon.  We plan to handle these exceptions with a different Ezijobz Item number or private label product name.


Our manufacturing process is very simple and consists of the following two Work Centers:


Bonding Department (Resources listed below)


·        One - Forklift Driver

·        One - Material Grinder

·        Molding station where foam scrap is pulled from the hopper system in the formulation amounts into the weigh station where chemical and dye are added, foam is mixed and dropped into mold.

·        One - Mold Operator



Finishing Department


·        Each one of the peelers is manned by one Tuber for log set-up and one Peeler Operator for log peeling production.

·        The two peelers are supplied solid logs by a forklift driver.


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Product is loaded directly onto either one of Scottdel’s trailers or onto a common carrier for delivery.  Scottdel has it’s own fleet of 12 over the road tractors and 96 over the road trailers.  We also have two other manufacturing processes within the plant that produce raw materials that go into the Bonding Department.


The following is an example of an order and the manufacturing requirements for one truckload of carpet cushion:


Cardinal Carpet Inc. – verbal order  =  300 Rolls of Venture ½”


Finishing Material & Labor Needed For Order:


300 square yards per peeled log at ½” OR 1139 Board Feet / log


Each peeler operates at 2250 lineal feet per minute

(1.5 hrs if both peelers are used)


Formulation for each Venture Log as follows:

            Amount of materials required for grinding:

·        He                        - 150*30 – 4500 lbs

·        SL tb/vt            - 150*30 – 4500 lbs

·        HLW                        - 75*30 – 2250 lbs

·        Binder Chem            - 30*30 - 900 lbs


·        Grinding capacity = 4000 lbs/hr (can vary at times due to type of material)

·        Total to grind = 12150/4000 lbs/hr = 3.0375 hrs required to grind


This is the flow of production for each product that is manufactured.  There are different throughput rates on the laminator depending on the type of backing being put on.  The square yards yielded will depend on the thickness of the cushion being produced.  Speeds on the peeler will vary on different products and for different thicknesses.  Each product family has a different formulation for manufacturing which changes the thru-put at the mold.