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company history

Scottdel Cushion, Swanton Ohio, USA is where the quality bonded industry began, over 50 years ago.  In 1961 Scottdel invented and patented the world’s first bonded log molding system for the manufacture of bonded urethane carpet cushion which is still used in the industry today..  And we’re still market pacemakers today – trailblazing the bonded industry with Scottdel luxury cushion, suitable for installation above or below grade over any type of sub floor all backed by the best warranty in the business.

Today we manufacture a complete line of commercial and residential bonded urethane cushions and specialty bonded products for automotive and other industries. Our bonded products ranging in density from 3.5 pounds to 10 + pounds per cubic foot.

We deliver cushion on our own fleet of trucks in a 14 state area from Minneapolis to Baltimore. Our specialty products, MultiBond and Quiet Step, can be shipped in less than truckload quantities nationwide via RPS, a Federal Express ground service company.

Scottdel Cushion LLC - 400 Church Street - Swanton, Ohio 43558 - USA
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