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frequently asked questions

Why use carpet cushion ?  Eight excellent reasons why.
richer feel 1. Urethane carpet cushion makes a carpet feel richer, deeper...and adds years to carpet wear.  Georgia Tech University of Textile Engineering conducted 'walk-on' tests to determine the benefits of carpet cushion in improving carpet performance.  Results indicated that urethane cushion, after 4 years of simulated use, kept aprox. 90% of its original firmness; after 8 years 70% of original firmness.

adds life to carpet 2. Urethane cushion adds useful life to a carpet.  Carpet is seldom replaced because it `wears' out.  It is usually changed because it `uglies' out or loses its fresh, new appearance.  By reducing pile height loss and pile crushing, cushion can help keep a carpet `new' looking, and therefore stretch its usable life span.

improves insulation 3. Urethane cushion can improve the thermal insulation properties of the floor covering system.  Georgia Institute of Technology studies have shown that carpeting and carpet cushion can save as much as 72% of heat loss through the floor.

improves carpet's acoustical properties 4. Urethane carpet cushion can significantly improve a carpets acoustical properties.  A carpet installed with cushion can make a room considerably more quiet.  Independent acoustical labs have demonstrated this, showing carpet without cushion having an impact noise rating of +14, while carpet with cushion had an impact noise rating of +25, a significant improvement.

reduces impact 5. Urethane cushion reduces the impact exerted on the floor covering and the muscle strain on the individual.  In tests conducted at the University of Chicago the effects of people actually walking over carpet and cushion were measured.  The tests showed that cushion reduces foot impact by almost 50%, thus reducing carpet wear and improving comfort by reducing walking fatigue.

not affected by cleaning 6. Urethane cushion is not affected by standard household cleaning products and makes a carpet easier to maintain.

non-allergic 7. Urethane cushion is non-allergic.

recyclable 8. Urethane cushion is 100% recyclable; it has salvage value $$.

What is the best cushion to use on stairways ?

OMEGA - Warranted for 25 Years on stairs and in hallways.

--- OR ---

Tartan, Hercules, or Multibond in thickness' no greater than 3/8"

What is the best cushion to use over a radiant floor heating system ?

   Scottdel's Radiance carpet cushion is specifically engineered for radiant floor heating systems when used in a properly designed radiant floor heating system with adequate insulation on the bottom side of the slab. Radiance is an excellent choice, it offers a firm yet elegant walk as well as maximum support for any carpet.  Most importantly it has an R-value of approximately 1.0 and a typical carpet has an R-value of slightly more than 1.0; thus the total R-value of the floor covering system is just slightly more than 2.0. Radiance will not `dry' out, crumble or have any adverse effect on the performance of the floor covering and heating systems.

What is the best cushion for an aerobics room ?

   Tartan 9/16" is the cushion of choice for this demanding application when installed as a double glue installation using permanent soft-set adhesives.  Follow our Mulibond Installation guidelines.

What is the fastest way to obtain an open line of credit ?

   Tell us about your company, click here and fill out a credit application.