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MultiBond Installation Guidelines

24 Hours Before Installation Starts:

  • The carpet must be allowed to expand and/or contract to the job site environment.
  • Unroll carpet completely and allow it to relax, or unroll and re roll the carpet VERY loosely.
installation step 1
installation step 2
· Roll out Multibond cushion on a clean patched sub floor.

· Rough cut the Multibond cushion.

· Make sure Multibond cushion seams do not all under carpet seams.

· Apply adhesive to sub floor at coverage rate recommended by an approved* adhesive manufacturer.

· Check with adhesive manufacturer for their recommended type of adhesive.

· Observe open time for adhesive used. This is very important: 15 minutes minimum for most adhesives.

· Use fans to keep air moving in the room; this will help reduce the open time.

installation step 3
installation step 4
· Lay Multibond cushion back into adhesive making sure all cushion is smooth, flat, secure, and seams tightly butted.

· Finish trimming Multibond cushion around walls, door jambs, and other detail work as needed.

· Lay out carpet and rough cut.

· Hot melt short seams at this point in the installation. Use a low profile seam tape which is designed for glue down installations.

· On long seams use a sticky backed hot melt tape.

· Apply sticky backed hot melt tape to Multibond cushion after you have cut the carpet seam. Complete the seam after applying adhesive up to the seam tape in step #5.

Click here for recommended types

installation step 5
installation step 6
· Important: use seam sealer.

· With the appropriate notched trowel apply an approved* permanent soft-set adhesive on the Multibond cushion.

· Observe open time for adhesive used. This is very Important: 15 minutes minimum for most adhesives.

· Adhesive must develop legs.

· Use fans to keep air moving in the room, this will help reduce the open time.

· Lay carpet back into adhesive; finish all trim work.

· Do not use a roller.

· Use carpet tube or broom to push out any air and for adequate adhesive transfer to the carpet backing.

· Do not allow traffic on finished installation for at least 12 hours minimum.

· You now have a very satisfied customer!

* Approved Adhesive Manufacturers
Advanced Adhesive Tech. (AAT) · Adhesive Industry Mfg. Co. (AIM) · The W.W. Henry Co. · Para-Chem Southern
XL Corp.
· Tennessee Adhesive Co. · CHAPCO · Roberts