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Scottdel will save you the cost of disposal as well as pay you for the material.
Ask for trim materials Purchasing Manager for details.
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"Perfect Solution" To An Increasing Ecological Problem
Disposing of post consumer "take-up" cushion and new installation trim won't cost you a cent! It PAYS you! Scottdel Recycling Management will buy your dry bonded and prime urethane cushion, loose in bags, or Scottdel will pay extra cash if it is baled.
Scottdel Cares About Its Customers And Their Indoor Environment
All post consumer "take-up" cushion is thoroughly pre-chopped to remove dust, dirt, and foreign material. Any microbes are effectivly killed via the heat of this process in much the same way milk is pasturized.
"Put Good In to Get Good Out"
We do our best to remove any hazardous foreign material, but you must be our partners in insuring that no dangerous items find their way into your customers home.
Just The Right Balance
Clean post consumer foam is mixed with clean new foam and re-chopped before it is used in the manufacturing process. Only small controlled amounts of cleaned post consumer foam are used in any of Scottdel's products.
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High Pressure Steam Process
Scottdel Manufactures its bonded cushion by compressing it in a round mold, using a high pressure steam curing process. This produces the clean, consistently high quality carpet cushion that you have come to expect from Scottdel.
The Final Quality Product
After required curing time, the foam is peeled to thickness, lamination is applied, and cut to the required lengths and packaged for delivery.

Scottdel is committed to the protection of the environment in every step of our manufacturing process. Join with Scottdel Recycling Management to dispose of your post consumer "take-up" cushion and new installation trimmings in an environmentally responsible manner.

For current pricing for your post consumer "Take-Up" cushion and new installation trimmings, contact Scottdel customer service department.